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creates teams of key executives for   major Homebuilders that are interested in forming new start up divisions or that just want to bring in new talent to an existing division looking for outstanding experience and leadership......
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AmWest Builders

We focus on improving our clients' shareholder profitability by placing top caliber executives to help our clients build up divisions with stealth and quality.
  • Why companies choose AmWest Builders

    Unprecedented growth in the Homebuilding industry has caused intense competition for qualified executives. As a result, Home Builders invest valuable time and financial resources searching for the best talent with no guarantee of success.
    Locating qualified executives is not your primary business. In fact, the search process diverts your attention from operating your Division. Searching for the best executive manager is our business and AmWest Builders has a proven track record of finding and placing top caliber managers in the home building industry.

  • Direct Sourcing & Candidate Targeting

    Our preferred method of recruiting is by direct sourcing, which provides the best candidates. Direct sourcing from the competition provides more valuable candidates than ad campaigns that typically produce the unqualified, the unemployed or the eternally discontent.

    Our creative processes and cutting edge technology help us keep one step ahead of the competition and to find you the "hard to find" blue chip executive. We also use a candidate targeting process that includes assessing our client's needs, consulting our extensive database and pinpointing talent within our client's competitors, networking, and taking advantage of our affiliation with a coast-to-coast network of independent executive recruiters to find the best possible talent in the Home Building Industry.

    We earn our fees by creatively helping our clients find the people they need. We send a small, pre-screened group of candidates rather than a flood of marginally qualified candidates. Instead of jumping from company to company, we develop long term, mutually beneficial partnering relationships with our client companies that are based on results--that's our passion.
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