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AmWest Builders
creates teams of key executives for   major Homebuilders that are interested in forming new start up divisions or that just want to bring in new talent to an existing division looking for outstanding experience and leadership......

The Process

American West Builders uses a well engineered Strategy with distinct phases:

  • Evaluation

    We will listen and communicate with you at the deepest level to evaluate what your needs are and to identify an optimal candidate's profile.

  • Create A Mutually Beneficial Agreement

    We offer flexible solutions to fit your specific needs:

    A Retained Search Effort
    - an exclusive agreement for which we “buckle our seat belts” and make your needs our highest priority

    Contingency Search- a non-exclusive agreement in which we earn a fee when you hire a candidate that we have introduced to you.

    Other Specialized Plans- a unique agreement for special situations such as starting up a new division or a relocation in headquarters.

  • Target Potential Candidates

    We identify potential candidates using internal and external databases, industry networking and direct sourcing from your competitors.

  • Select Candidates

    After the targeting process, we profile and interview potential candidates and present the ones that best meet your needs for your company.

  • Present Players

    Our commitment is to submit only motivated and qualified candidates who are ready to make the jump to the next level in their career.

  • Negotiate & Close the Deal

    To simplify the process for you, we act as a liaison, from the initial offer through negotiation and closing.

  • Facilitate Transition

    To ensure success, we prepare and follow the candidate through the transition process, including resignation/counter offer and relocation issues. We also help the candidate prepare for the new opportunity so that they bring in everything they can to the table from their first day on the job with your company.
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